How the Alexander Technique can help you.

What you can expect from a course of Alexander Techniques lessons?

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Whether to improve mobility and reduce pain or to overcome nerves and improve your performance, the Alexander Technique centres and prepares you.

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a well-respected way of helping us achieve a better quality of life - whether it's to help with aches and pains, to manage exam nerves, to perform better at work, sport, singing, playing an instrument, to increase mobility, to feel lighter and more free.

The Technique is taught in individual lessons: the teacher uses words and touch to give the student a new experience of ordinary everyday activities such as sitting, standing and walking.

We learn to let go of our familiar habits of moving and reacting to life and so increase our sense of wellbeing, lightness, clarity and effectiveness.

Leah teaches on Tuesdays at:

Oxfordshire Alexander - Witney

Room 27,

Hexagon Business Centre

Avenue Four

Station Lane


OX28 4BN


and on Wednesdays at:

Oxfordshire Alexander - Oxford

The Practice Rooms

The Old Bakehouse

2A South Parade



To book a lesson please contact Leah on 07866 794897 or email

Stuck with headaches, backaches and anxiety?

You will find that the Alexander Technique helps you to become stronger, more relaxed, think more clearly and become balanced.

Alexander Teacher

Leah Wright  - mstat

  • As a scientist, I would never have believed that the Alexander Technique could make such a difference to me.

  • I feel lighter and stronger

  • I can think more clearly

  • I'm less troubled by pain

  • I feel calmer, more confident and self-reliant

  • I have more stamina and recover faster from injury

  • I have a greater range of movement

  • I’m performing better in sport

Pupils say the Alexander Technique helps them....

The charge for an hours lesson is £45