Pupils Comments

"There are often too many words. The Alexander Technique reaches places beyond words."


JH  Headington

"As a scientist, I would never have believed that the Alexander Technique could make such a difference to me."


Dr BD  Reading 

"Thank you for keeping my mind and body together during a difficult year."



JP  Witney

"Why I like Alexander

I have learned to trust my body. It knows for example how to walk surefootedly downstairs. I have learned to listen to it rather than the anxious memories of falling."

HR  Witney

Practicing the Alexander Technique is a big 'plus' in my life, with a noticeable and lasting benefit. My body feels freer, lighter and more relaxed, and this enables me to do so many active things without stress or strain, with my energy reserves conserved.

I also feel it's beneficial to my mind, but I don't know how to express that!

Jane  Witney

"What I value most about the Alexander Technique is that my body has learned it and I don't have to think about it. My work very often involves speaking in public and acting as a focus for large groups in large spaces. Instead of adding to the list of things I need to concentrate on, the Alexander Technique helps me to be present and balanced, whatever is going on.I began lessons because of a problem with a stiff neck - it has vanished - and I carry on because of the freedom it gives me.I would recommend it, especially for anyone whose work involves performance or presentation."


Elizabeth Thomson  Witney

Free, higher


"Following the Alexander Technique with Leah has been beneficial to me in many ways, my posture and my breathing have improved. Above all is the awareness I have developed of the bad practices which had become second nature to me; now I have the tools to deal with them."


Gill Baden  Witney



Fascinating; balancing (for body, mind and spirit); a journey of discovery; not a bit 'airy-fairy' - very grounded, practical and outward focused. Initially quite difficult to 'let go' and trust, but very liberating once in the flow.


 J   Headington